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University of Pittsburgh-Johnstown
University of Pittsburgh Johnstown    
2021-2022 Johnstown Campus Catalog 
  Jul 17, 2024
2021-2022 Johnstown Campus Catalog [Archived Catalog]


Chair: Michael Stoneham, Ph.D.

Division Policies and Requirements

Candidates for graduation in Humanities must have earned a minimum of 120 credits.

The final 30 credits MUST be earned at Johnstown.

Degree candidates must have a quality point average of 2.00 (C average) or higher in all work at the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown or at the University’s other campuses.

The courses required for a major must be completed with a minimum quality point average of 2.00.

All students must satisfy all foundational, general education, and all major requirements to graduate with a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Pittsburgh Johnstown.

Completion of no fewer than 12 credits in a related area is required in certain major programs. Consultation with an advisor will help students determine the best approach to this requirement; the related area that a student pursues must be approved by the student’s respective advisor.

A satisfactory level of competence in English Composition must be demonstrated by the successful completion of UPJ general education writing requirements. For the majority of students, this means successful completion of both ENGCMP 0005 - COMPOSITION 1  and ENGCMP 0006 - COMPOSITION 2 .

A student may earn no more than two credits in Physical Education per term, to a maximum of eight during his or her entire scholastic career at Pitt-Johnstown. Only the first four Physical Education credits are counted as being in Arts and Sciences; any additional credits are considered as non-Arts and Sciences.

Majors in Humanities may not elect the H/S/U option for courses in their respective majors.

In addition to the above credits, each Humanities major must complete the following requirements along with major course requirements:

I.  Each major must take courses prescribed areas common to all Humanities degrees:
A.  Foreign Language and/or Literature:
All students must complete two sequential courses in the same foreign language depending on Placement Exam results or complete three courses designated as Literature in Translation.
B.  At least one course in Fine Arts or Music
C.  At least one course in Philosophy
D.  At least one course in Communication or Theatre Arts or English Literature

II.  At least half of the courses in Humanities must be upper-division level courses (1000 series)

These degree requirements apply to students who will complete degrees in Humanities at Pitt-Johnstown. Students who plan to relocate to other schools of the University should be guided by the requirements set forth in the appropriate University catalog.


Students majoring in Communication, Journalism, Multimedia and Digital Culture, or Professional Writing are encouraged to serve a 1-12 credit internship. Internships are designed to provide students with field experience in their chosen major. Students may take multiple internships, but are limited in the maximum number of credits that can count toward completition of a program. Students must seek permission from the program coordinator for admission.

Academic Programs Offered




In addition to an academic major, a student may elect to pursue a minor in another academic discipline. The specific requirements for each minor are established by the individual academic disciplines. However, all minors require the completion of a minimum of 18 credits of course work.


Communication: Rhet & Comm

English Composition

English Film Studies

English Literature

English Writing

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Studio Arts

Theatre Arts

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