2019-2020 Johnstown Campus Catalog


Minimum Credits: 3
Maximum Credits: 3
To give a greater voice to the importance of the sustainable development Amazon to the resident peoples and the planet, this course is designed to train students as new cadre of communicators that can share in a fresh and rich way the value and contribution this complex natural resource, endemic cultures, regional assets and ecosystem has for us all. The course gives the student a deep understanding of area media and social channels, their mission and goals and the types of stories and imagery employed in shaping the story of Ecuador's culture, resources, bio-diversity and treasures found in the Amazon. Additionally, they will learn and build stories and promote value of the rich biological and economic resources and enterprises ranging from new sources of caffeine, guayusa, to cultural-tourism. These stories will be designed for dissemination through a wide range of media channels and would include development of social media content, infographics, video and slide shows. Students will select an elements of the rainforest, enterprise and/or community and share it through digital channels (Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Periscope, Twitter, YouTube) created to highlight these stories and value to audiences in North American audiences. Their results will be posted on websites and social media for The Andes Field School and partner agencies. At the end of the course, students will have built a rich portfolio of content and present it to their peers, faculty and local representatives as a tool for expanding and extending the remarkable stories and resources found in Amazonia.
Academic Career: Undergraduate
Course Component: Lecture
Grade Component: LG/SU3 Elective Basis

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